Back To The Future With Video Game -Themed Slot Machines

They say that life goes round in a full circle & we often see this in everyday life with repetitious behaviour. A certain thing happens to us and we react in a certain way. With trends, for example in the fashion, music, & electronic industries, it would appear that they are forever advancing. However at times, part of that evolution is returning back to its roots or an earlier period and re-incarnating an era long gone by. It appears that some things never truly die, just go into hibernation waiting to be rediscovered by a new generation ready to breathe new life into it.

Back in the early '80's when Atari and Mattel Electronics were kings of the video game market, Atari had a very popular game called "Centipede". It may not sound too exciting compared to today's slot machine games with their shoot 'em up bonus rounds & all their bells and whistles, but the video game world, where a game of skill could be had, was a new emerging market, way back then.

Roll forward three decades, to this week's gambling industry's annual trade show in Las Vegas, where the attendees are the very first to see what the future holds. Slot machine manufacturers line up their goodies and give us a glimpse of what we can expect in our casinos as we continue our march through gaming history.

The big buzz this year is video game-themed slot machines. Top of the pile with the hottest industry game is the "new look" Atari's Centipede, all ready for its re-emergence into the 21st century, revamped & repackaged by the largest slot manufacturer in the industry namely, International Game Technology.

Video game-themed slot machines, including joysticks, could this really work? Ask the generation of players from whence it came as they are undoubtedly giving this new market a big two thumbs up. Heck, any opportunity to connect to the fun times of youth is not to be passed up and the baby boomers who have now fully blossomed and boomed are meeting this with a big gimme gimme.

Just like a good car, sometimes, all that is needed is a bit of fine tuning for the latest model. No doubt about this one, it's tuned to perfection.

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