The Classic Counterstrike

An oldie but goodie, Counterstrike, or CS, is a definitive online shooter games that paved the way for hundreds of similar games available today, as well as getting millions of competitive and combative souls hooked on online gaming.

It is a classic fight of good versus evil, counter-terrorists versus terrorists, and a player can choose either side. As part of the terrorist team, your goal is to hold hostages or plant an explosive. Evidently, your goal as a counter-terrorist is to rescue the hostages or find and defuse the bomb. It goes without saying that eliminating the other team is always ideal.

Since this is a team game, a player has to adopt strategic team thinking. Insisting on your individuality can either get you killed or hinder your team from being victorious, much like in real life. Each game is fairly short at about five minutes, with certain realistic details. For example, taking a shot in the head gets you killed and you will then have to wait out the rest of the game. This can be very frustrating, but it also hones your team perspective and strategic thinking to stay alive.

The graphics and animation of Counterstrike are appealing. The game environment mimics reality and the camouflage serves its purpose. The gun models are also close to real, and a sniper rifle provides ample magnification of targets. Without this, distinguishing between your team members and the opponents can be tricky, so you have to carefully watch your actions and who you fire at.

The sounds of the game could do with some enhancement. The gun sounds are realistic enough, but the others could be improved. For example, it would be good if the footsteps would reflect the surface being walked on, or would indicate the distance of the other party as well as if he is getting closer. Booming thunder claps and alarming lightning strikes would also amp up the experience.

On top of having to wait out a game upon getting killed, practiced players may also chafe at having to procure weapons in the beginning of each round, instead of having them at your disposal. You can easily adjust to this though, and this further hones your strategy.

With all this, it is easy to understand why Counterstrike remains a cult favorite.

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