The Ultimate Gaming Decision: Why You Should Buy A Play Station 3

With games and consoles flooding the market, it can become quite overwhelming for the avid gamer to choose between different consoles. The decision becomes especially confusing when you don't know what you'll be missing out on if you make the wrong purchase.

With Nintendo Wiis and Xbox running holding their own in the market, the ever enduring PS3, however, remains a crowd favorite.

Blu-Ray and High Definition

If you want a superior gaming experience that showcases all the hard work put into the game by the developers, then PS3 is the way to go. As other consoles implement older disc technology, Play Station blows them out of the water by its high definition Blu-ray drive. Not only that it supports 1080p video and even has an HDMI output. This will greatly enhance the gaming, video, and trailers experience.

A Complete System in One Purchase

While the sale price may seem higher than that of the Xbox, you were in fact paying for an entire system in one fell swoop. This is unlike the Xbox or Wii that don't provide rechargeable controllers with the system. Also, the built in wireless network means that you don't have to shell out that $100 bill like the Xbox demands.

Game Variety

PS 3 is designed for the masses and has the largest variety of mainstream games available. Most American and European games find themselves created for the console and the Japanese developer support gives it that edge over other gaming systems. Since these options are mainstream, you can find some of the best cheats and PS 3 game reviews for them online.

An Entire Entertainment Solution

When you buy the PS3, you're not limited to one source of gaming entertainment. Feel free to personalize your device and add music and movies to it. The wireless connectivity will also let you create and access social profiles. This means that you can access the reviews, content, trailers, cheats and news without even leaving your console.

What's best about the console though is its ability to support Linux as an additional OS. What more could you want? Everybody can go home now because pS3 just won this round.

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