Xbox One Game Reviews: The Best Games So Far

Without a doubt, the Xbox One is one of the coolest consoles in the market. Everyone was holding on to the edge of their seats to see what the people over at Microsoft had in store for them after the Xbox 360, and they delivered!

With greater capabilities and an out-of-this-world Kinect motion sensor, this gaming beast appeals to more hardcore gamers unlike predecessors. Obviously, now that you have an absolute monster running your games, it would be disappointing if you didn't harness all that technology. Here are some Xbox One Game Reviews to set you on your way.

Dead Rising 3

Zombies are the best gift that Romero could give to the movie and gaming industry. With the millions of variations on the concept, Dead Rising is much more than your average zombie apocalypse game. Much like its previous versions, this game centers on a post-apocalyptic world.


If you've been reading Xbox One game reviews, you already know that this is the game of the season. This gem is being released exclusively for Xbox. It is a sci-fi shooter which doesn't sugar glaze anything. Dark, grim, with wonderfully deep story elements; Titanfall is the ultimate gamer's dream.

Halo 5

We know it isn't out yet but it warrants a mention anytime you talk about Xbox One game reviews. Halo is the one that really made the Xbox consoles and the two will be forever intertwined. What is interesting is the news surrounding a Halo 2 anniversary reboot, which makes it a tossup between Halo 2 or Halo 5. While the camps have been divided so far, we would be glad to see either one of the two soon.

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