Buying A PS4: The Best Games On The Console

The world of gaming has been moving forward at an amazing pace as console developers keep racing against each other to deliver the best experience possible. If you're looking to buy a console and haven't made a decision yet, you're at the right place. With millions of happy customers making the most of this stellar technology, the PS4 is the latest and greatest on the market, which also has some of the best PS4 game reviews one can find.

Shadow Fall

The quality of a console can only be determined by its games and Shadow Fall does not disappoint. This first person shooter has some of the best PS4 game reviews on the internet for hard-core fans who wanted to push the boundaries of the console's capabilities.

Infamous: Second Son

Now this is an interesting one. This Playstation game lets you choose whether you're going to be a superhero or super villain by providing you with powers and letting you run amok with them. With an open world city at your disposal you get to do as you please similar to its predecessors.


Uncharted is the epitome of PS4 gaming. This game has everything rolled up into one ball of excitement. The action series with a movie-like feel is visually stunning and dramatic. One of the best next-gen games on the market, the PS4 game reviews are simply raving about this genius creation.


If you're a Halo fan, then you really should be reading the PS4 game reviews for this one. This new game, which isn't attached to a series, is gaining momentum as soon as it was rolled out by the creators of the famous Halo games. What sets it apart, however, is that it makes the most of the PS4 technology at its disposal and the powerhouse delivers!

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