Grand Theft Auto Review

Looking for a new game to play this season? Well, forget those remastered versions of your old games when you came across with the Grand Theft Auto because it has a new launched brand that will definitely thrill and excite your gaming experience. If you ask yourself "should i buy GTA 5 ?", the definite answer is yes. See this review to know what's in store for you.

The newest release from Grand Theft Auto comes with numerable changes and enhancement. The graphics are sleek making the scene and characters seem to be real and alive. Also, there is a better facial animation and sound effects making the graphics entertaining. The exciting thing about this franchise is that it allows you to play in first person mode, giving you a better view of the game, plus an almost first-hand experience of the adventure. In navigating around the city, you can feel that you are part of this virtual reality since you are looking through the character's eyes and not only an observer. The feeling is surreal because of the point of view used in the play.

Another genius creation for the industry, that is the Grand Theft Auto. You can clearly see that the developers behind the game took time to create and improve the it. When you are playing and you have keen eyes for details, you would notice that no cars are the same. You will see that every cars you ride in and passes you by come with different upholstery, speedometer and some distinct features. Also, the bikes, planes, cars , boats and blimps come with distinguished style different from one another.

The most important thing that the game can offer is the fact that everything feels natural. Grand Theft Auto is a personalized game since you can design your own character that reflects your personality. Also, you can change the point of view whenever you want. We suggest that you switch to third-person point of view when attacking an enemy for a better and controlled view.

If you are going to ask what's new with this version, well, the answer we can say is excellence. The Grand Theft franchise is improving in every release, making them achieve more than excellence. The goals and missions provided inside the play is as equally as thrilling and challenging from before, but what makes this version better is the visual delight. In two hours of playing, you have already accomplished a mission or killed a CEO. No matter how long you play, we can guarantee you that GTA 5 is the best play you will ever experience.

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