Halo outdoes other shooter games by miles

After getting through all the talk promoting halo as a video game that is better played on a desktop computer, all the critic that Halo is just one of those lame first-person shooter matches and all the comments that Halo doesn't stand a chance against other shooter games on GameCube and PS2, we urge you to take the time to play the video game and see for yourself how wrong these people are.

Halo has a story comparable to a novel, and its graphics and audio is top of the class. With this Xbox game, Bungie will prove all critics wrong. After all the hype, it is the actual gaming experience that will really matter. Halo definitely makes the list of the top Xbox games.

Game Features

  • Widescreen playback and 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound
  • Situational perspectives of the first person and from a third person
  • Single player and multiplayer options for story mode
  • Combats that are squad-based
  • Numerous alien or human weapon choices
  • Vehicles vary from jeeps and attack tanks to hovercrafts and alien spaceships

Game Story

Halo is set in the distant future where humanity is at war with an alien race branded as the Covenant. The alien race destroys planets simultaneously and do so quickly so the human race has a hard time gathering intelligence information.

The alien battalion is approaching the planet quickly. A defense line was formed and in an epic battle, only the ship Pillar of Autumn survived. The captain of the ship activated its jump program to lure the alien race as far as possible from planet Earth. Eventually, Pillar of Autumn found a gas giant named Threshold, which has a moon named Basis. What's strange is that there is a gigantic ring construct in between the two, which is approximately 10,000 miles wide.

Halo leads the players on the part where the ship is in the middle of evacuation. Halo is the ring construct, and what role it plays in the story is for you to discover.


What makes Halo enjoyable is the motivation it gives to deal with all the damage happening while you're playing. The enemies are programmed to think in relation to your moves and levels get more difficult as you progress toward the end. The enemies include elites wearing force fields around themselves, jackals with shields, annoying grunts and scary hunters. These enemies behave and fight differently. How you can play will depend on the design of your Mark V Master Chief. The downside is, during the middle part, the levels are almost the same.

The Verdict

Along with the varying characteristic of the alien enemies, the design and limitations on your Master Chief is the reason why Halo is a fantastic first-person shooter game. If you are an avid Xbox fan, Halo is definitely worth its $350 price tag.

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